Valerie Kirk

Brands are built, products are sold, customers remain engaged, and employees stay motivated because of great corporate storytelling and campaigns that touch people on a personal level. That is what I do. I am an experienced corporate marketing communications writer specializing in content marketing, brand messaging, and employee engagement. 

5 Summer Camp Alternatives for Your Kids

Just when you started narrowing down summer camp ideas for your kids—or if you were ahead of the game, you had already made a down payment and marked your calendar—the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation and summer programs were cancelled. So now we’re left to figure out how to give our kids the benefits of the summer camp experience in new ways. With kids dealing with several months of learning at home and social distancing, they are ready to get out in the warmer weather to enjoy their summer an

How to Teach Your Teen to Cook Real Meals

How many times has your teen asked you, “What’s for dinner?” Probably several times this week alone. Teens are constantly hungry and are usually foraging through the pantry for something to tide them over until it’s time for dinner. Wouldn’t you love to ask them, “What’s for dinner?” Then teach your teen to cook a real meal! While teens may know how to boil water to make a box of mac & cheese or pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, they are just a few short years away from becoming independen

Flexible Work Schedules – and the Right Collaboration Tools – Can Help Your Agency Recruit and Retain Top Talent

As agencies grapple with the growing skills gap and talent leaving for the private sector while also dealing with low employee morale in the aftermath of the longest government shutdown in history, managers need to get creative to keep their top talent and improve recruiting efforts. Learn how the right collaboration tools can support a telework program that offers employees a better work/life balance.

Own Your Money

Anyone in the credit union industry knows about the importance of helping our members make the right financial decisions at each stage of their lives in order to achieve overall financial stability and well-being. But how can we help them to better understand financial information so that they can make sound financial decisions? Even with the vast amount of information available in this technological age, financial literacy in this country continues to be very low.

Why Kaplan is Leading the Test Prep Industry

Kaplan: Leading the Test Prep Industry Through Innovation and Driven by Results Looking through our Best Test Prep Reviews lists, you’ll find one company consistently near the top: Kaplan. The company, whose test prep division is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, offers over 35 test prep products ranging from high school entrance exams to professional licensing and certifications. Their products include traditional in-person prep courses, online classes, and blended learning prep options to meet

WSE Indonesia Named "Most Recommended Brand"

WSE Indonesia was recently named the “Most Recommended Brand” in the English Language Services category in a survey conducted by the popular Indonesian business magazine SWA. The survey, which was conducted in seven cities across Indonesia, focused on Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) and was designed to measure the most recommended brands across Indonesia by the customer. While Word of Mouth Marketing has been around for a long time, it has become extremely important in the era of Social Media. W